Tuesday, August 12, 2003

A Musical Interlude

I realize I owe a blog post telling all about the wonderful idiosyncrasies of vacation bible school but first this message. Munchkin and I were driving into work today (yes work...school is her job and she excels at it, tyvm). Anywho, we were listening to the radio and Sean Paul's "Like Glue" came on. She loves music of all types. Her father and I are very proud. After listening for about a minutes, she pipes up from the back seat "Mommy?" "Yes." "What IS he saying?" I just started cracking up. Usually she asks me what are the songs about and I explain it to her. But she couldn't even understand a word of what he was saying. So I told her. I asked her if it made sense. She answered right away "No way!" and then proceeded to dance anyway! Her father found this as amusing as I did.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Baby Update

The baby has been moving for a few weeks now but in the last few days (since Wednesday) it's been moving where I can feel it from the outside. Munchkin was the first (and currently the only) person to feel the baby move. Her face lit up. She had a smile so big I didn't know how it stayed there. She then proceeded to talk to the baby so that it would know "big sister" is waiting for it to come out. She had decided that the baby is a girl and that the baby's name is Sarah. This might change in a few weeks but for now the name is Sarah. When I asked her about boy names because she could have a little brother she looked at me and said "Nah!" Well I guess she told me. We shall see, we shall see. The ultrasound is on Tuesday but there will be no peeking at the sex. I figure finding out what you had when the baby gets here is the last surprise left and I want it.

Sticky Fingers and Kiddie Germs

I will be offline for most of next week because it is time for Vacation Bible School at Church. A part of me looks forward to it because it's excellent outreach for the church and the kids have such a great time and part of me dreads it. I don't feel like being bothered with other people's children. But I am making the most of it and I think we have a really good program for the children. I hope to have lots of updates and funny stories when I return.

Calling All Readers

A new black mystery writer sent me the following message and asked me to share it with my friends, so I am. I've already read a few chapters and the novel shows promise. Please support another up-and-coming talent by reading the chapters as well and hitting him back with your thoughts.

From mackabre:
I am a black mystery writer. The following words are from Ms. Jasbelle the lead character in my new book "Let dead dogs Lie." She is a black female serial killer,and she doesn`t have a problem handling any man she thinks is a dog. In her words,

“With this tight body, and good looks, I`ve never had a problem finding a man who would follow me to his death. I know a real dog will chase a piece of tail across a busy street, even if it means he might get killed in the process.”

I would like for you to hit my page, and read a few chapters of the book. Then hit me with a note (mackabre47@yahoo.com) and tell me what you think. I`m trying to find my target audience and you can help me.