Wednesday, January 28, 2004

No witty title today

I've come to the conclusion that being at home with the baby all the time leaves little to blog about. I mean how many different ways can you serve up sore nipples, leaky breasts, spitting up and poopy diapers. I literally am down to leaving the house about once a week. I'm lucky if I can get a shower every other day or so. The sleep deprivation has long since set in and I wonder if I'm getting any good REM sleep during my 3 hour stretch that I get a night. The 1 to 2 hour catnaps I catch are giving me a grand total of maybe 6 hours sleep a day. Those that know me know I need a good deal more than that to be a nice, functional human being. The key word being nice. All I can say is the joys of motherhood!

On the positive side I am making the most of my 1 day out a week. This past weekend, MIT was baptised. So on Saturday I had a meeting at church followed by shopping for the baptism and myself (those gift certificates from Christmas came in handy), followed by picking up Munchkin and MIT's godmommy at the airport followed by dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe. I left the house at 8:30 am and didn't get back home until 12:30 am. Needless to say I overdid it just a tad and was extremely sore on Sunday.

Sunday was MIT's baptism. We also held the baby shower. It was a nice event with friends and family and gifts. MIT pretty much slept the day away which is highly unusual for her. Needless to say I crashed when I got home. Although I only slept a couple of hours it felt like many more than that. Luckily MIT slept too so it was a blessed day all around.

P.S. The cat MD and I got for Munchkin must go. MD literally bet the shit out of it last week for its latest destructive act. That and the fact that it is the most aggressive kitten either one of us has ever seen and the fact that she doesn't seem to understand that getting on the nightstands and dining room table and counters will only lead to pain and punishment means that a new residence is imminent. t's realy too bad because she is a sweet kitten but she doesn't seem to be learning the house rules. Anyone want a 5month old kitten?

Friday, January 16, 2004

Hello, Nurse!

MIT had her 2 week check up on 1/15. I can't believe she's been here for 2 weeks. Then I look in the mirror at my sunken in eyes and the milk-laden breasts and realize that not only is she here but I'm the mommy of an infant again. I have to admit having a child that sleeps through the night, picks out her own clothes and dresses herself really spoils you. It makes you wonder why you are doing this again and then you look at that little face that it totally dependent on you and you remember. MIT is precious. She and Munchkin look alike. You can tell they are sisters. She has the brightest little eyes (we don't know what color they are going to be) but she is so alert it's amazing. I always feel that when she opens her mouth (when she's not doing that to eat) she is going to say something profound.

Now let's back up to the eating. My daughter is greedy. As mentioned, we went to the doctor today. She's gained 8.5 ounces since she was born. She eats all the time. I literally feel like she spends most of her time attached to my breasts. The upside of this is that with my pregnancies I've gone from being a card-carrying member of the IBTC (itty-bitty titty committee) to wondering when I'll have my cover out for Jugs Magazine. The downside is sore nipples and no sleep. See, MIT latches on the feed and falls asleep. Mommy is awake and wondering how such a little person can eat so much and ONLY gain 8.5 ounces in two weeks. The doctor says she is completely healthy and doing well however and those are the words that every parent wants to hear at a check-up. MIT in the meantime, not only took a break from breastfeeding for the time we were in the office but also managed to flirt with her doctor. MD has trouble up his sleeve in a few years. I believe he was looking at Glocks online just the other day.

BTW, did I mention I have girls. 2 beautiful girls. I'm lucky!

It's a girl, Part 2...

To say it happened quickly is an understatement. Of course there is a story to this so let it begin.

As stated previously MIT was due on December 29, 2003. While estimating due dates isn't an exact science, once you have been given a date it's something you work towards. Something you don't want to go too far past. So when December 29 came and went without a whimper I was a little (OK a lot) disappointed to say the least. That's when the drastic measures started.

December 29, 2003 - I told MD that I wanted to walk. Munchkin has a hotel overnight with her cousin X-man and a friend from church. I was jealous. She got to lounge at the hotel, swim in the pool and eat at Red Lobster. Then I realized that this was my last opportunity to really relax by myself before the baby got here. MD was at work, Munchkin was gone, so I loafed. It was heavenly. No walking - no regular contractions - no baby. Phooey!

December 30, 2003 - I told MD again that I wanted to walk. He came home from work early because he didn't feel comfortable being at work knowing I could go into labor at any minute. While the man does irk me at times, this little moments more than make up for it. He came home and we went grocery shopping. Since I told him that I wanted to walk we did. We ran our household errands on foot. We went to Radio Shack, Walgreen's and Jewel's. Munchkin came home in the middle of grocery shopping. She spent the day at Jeeper's. I went to get her. Thanked my friend from church profusely and then we went back to Jewel to help MD finish shopping. Needless to say the walking made me sore but not much else. I felt more contractions but no baby. Phooey!

December 31, 2003 - We were bums. We didn't go anywhere or do anything. We all held our breath hoping that the walking would cause the baby to get here before 2003 ended so we could get the nice tax break. Actually I was just ready for some more regular contractions that might indicate the start of something bigger. No such luck. We celebrated the new year at home as a family watching television and toasting with orange juice. It was pretty nice actually. Again - no regular contractions - no baby - no tax break. Aw shucks!

January 1, 2004 - I woke up horny. Believe me, I was as shocked as you are. No one was more shocked than MD. We got to test the good sex theory. Believe it or not, it worked. Plus I think the idea of no sex for six weeks might have spurred on the libido. Last chance to get some for a while theory. Needless to say regular contractions were on the menu for the rest of the day. I knew MIT would be born on the first then, just not when.

I had to redo laundry because we had a humidifier incident a couple of days before, so I made it to the laundry room. I also packed a bag for Munchkin. I wasn't sure if she would stay with us or with our parents but she needed a bag either way. My bag wasn't packed yet but it was in my head. Anyway, I'm doing laundry and my contractions are about 7 - 8 minutes apart. By the time I finished laundry they were 5 minutes apart. MD had company over. By the time I finished putting the laundry away and getting Munchkin dressed, the contractions were 3 minutes apart. I told Munchkin to go tell Daddy it was time. Company got put out and the mad rush began. I called the doctor and packed my bag. I put on clothes and waited for MD. He didn't have a bag packed let alone a bag to put things in. He took forever! He had the nerve to iron his pants. IRON YOUR PANTS - who is going to see you or your pants. I'm having a baby here and I'M READY TO GO NOW!!! We finally got out the house 45 minutes after I called the doctor. Needless to say my contractions are now closer than 3 minutes apart.

To his credit MD made it to the hospital in 20 minutes. By that time the contractions were coming pretty much one after the other. We made it to LaGrange Memorial Hospital at 8:00 pm. The ER nurse took me straight to Labor and Delivery while MD and Munchkin parked the car and checked in. The urge to push came around 8:10 - 8:15 pm. MIT was born at 8:24 pm. Needless to say it was a quick delivery and she would have been here earlier except we didn't have a doctor yet. Never tell a laboring woman to breath through contractions. It's a bad idea. By 9:00 pm MIT was in my arms and nursing. Ahhh - heaven on earth!

Now for all those that want to know - yes it hurt. Labor is painful. Labor without drugs is even more painful. Anyone that tells you different is lying and probably trying to get you pregnant. I don't know what labor with drugs is like because I've never experienced it. Both Munckin and MIT were natural births. But the end result is worth it.

P.S. I have girls. This is great!!

Friday, January 09, 2004

It's A Girl!!!

On January 1, 2004 at 8:24 pm, MD, Munchkin and I offcially welcomed Munchkin In Training (MIT) into the world. She weighed 7 lbs, 7 oz. and was 20 inches long. She is beautiful. Those that I know personally should expect to see pictures in a few days.